Sunday, April 24, 2005

Welcome Back, Jamie . . . and Congrats

With today's 8-inning gem, Jamie Moyer hit some pretty amazing milestones.

First and foremost, he tied Randy Johnson for the Mariner franchise record for wins, with 130 (more surprisingly, he also tied Mark Langston for second on the club's all-time strikeout list, with 1,078; RJ leads the list with a formidable 2,162). Second, he became the first pitcher in the American League to win four games.

What should be most encouraging to Mariner fans are some of Moyer's peripheral stats so far. Jamie is still pitching to contact (which, given the recent research into master changeup artists' greater ability to prevent hits on balls in play, isn't necessarily a bad thing), but his walks are down (a little less than 2 per 9 innings), his strikeouts are up (almost 6.5 per 9 innings, roughly 1 better than his previous levels over the past 5 years or so), and his groundball-toflyball ratio is much more skewed to groundballs (1.22 groundballs to every flyball, which reverses a nearly 5-year tendency to give up far more flyballs than ground balls). Not surprisingly, his ERA (2.53) and his pitches-per-plate appearance numbers are as good as they have been in any of his best years.

What all this tells me is that Moyer is successfully throwing the low strike, and getting ahead of hitters. Failing to do this last year was the root of most of his problems, so even though the season is still very young (and predicting the future performance -- or even health -- of 42-year-old pitchers is foolish at best), there is good reason for optimism that Jamie is much closer to being the Jamie we saw in 2001-2003 than the Jamie we saw in 2004.


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