Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Some Royal Slop

Today marks my annual ritual of forking over $15 to MLB for my yearly subscription of MLB radio for the main purpose of avoiding the noise of Rick Rizzs invading my ears. I will gladly pay $15 for this service. I wonder if the Mariners are aware how much fans disdain this broadcast crew and moreover wonder how much they care. I suspect that their advertisers care however, but how does one get that message across? Hmmm...

Today's game was one of those frustrating afternoons of inept play on both sides of the diamond, with the Royals winning the contest of futility. I decided to jot down some random thoughts during the game:

  1. Mike Hargrove set the tone early ordering Jeremy to bunt Ichiro over after a leadoff walk. I subscribe to the philosophy that if you play for one run you will only get one run, which makes it even more frustrating when you don't even get that.
  2. Calvin Pickering being sent from first on a hit and run. Interesting.
  3. Royals second baseman Ruben Gotay intentionally dropping a pop fly with Wilson Valdez at first base hoping to set up a double play. The second base umpire mercifully ruled it a catch since the best Gotay could have done is forced Valdez at 2nd leaving Ichiro at 1st.
  4. Mike Hargrove continuing the tone by attempting to sacrifice Randy Winn over to 3rd following a leadoff double. Bunting guys over who are already in scoring position doesn't set a very good vive for me to start off the season.
  5. Wilson Valdez getting picked off second with two outs and Sexson at the plate is inexcusable.
  6. Wison Valdez getting caught stealing second base puts the Mariners at 40% SB success rate thus far.


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