Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Mariners 2, Royals 1

The M's climb back to .500. Remember that?

Man, I'd love to be wrong about Aaron Sele (who I never thought was all that good, and don't believe is or ever will be the pitcher he was when he was last here). He's still not missing many bats, but that's a pretty good start today . . ., though again, let's remember that the Royals aren't a very good offensive team. I'll be more of a believer when he repeats this a few times, including one against the likes of an offensive juggernaut like the Red Sox.

Jack wrote:

"It's interesting about pitches per plate appearance and it's a trend that I think we should watch as the season progresses. What is more disturbing to me is the BB/PA which is at a four year low of 5.5% compared to 7.7% last year, 9.3 % in 2003,
and 9.9% in 2002. Boone and Olivo have yet to draw a walk."

I think it is part and parcel the same thing, Jack. And, I agree that we should watch this along the way.


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