Tuesday, April 12, 2005

It's early...so what?

We are all now in agreement that it is early. Brian Roberts leads the American League in home runs with four (his career high is 5), the slimmed down Edgardo Alfonso is hitting .519 without the luxury of hitting behind Barry Bonds, and Greg Zaun has 10 RBIs in seven games (his 10 year career high is 36).

Of course Pete is correct about Ryan Franklin. His start against K.C. was a combination of facing a subpar offense and a little bit of luck. If there are those who believe (or want others to believe) that this one game was the turning point of his career that's fine. It's hard to believe anything has changed based on his 7.15 spring ERA, but it seems we will soon find out. He faces another struggling offense Sunday in Chicago, and then Cleveland at home followed by Oakland. If Franklin goes 4-0 in April with a sub 3 ERA will he actually have some trade value?

It's interesting about pitches per plate appearance and it's a trend that I think we should watch as the season progresses. What is more disturbing to me is the BB/PA which is at a four year low of 5.5% compared to 7.7% last year, 9.3 % in 2003, and 9.9% in 2002. Boone and Olivo have yet to draw a walk.

Ichiro is hitting .484 and has three RBIs. How can that by you might ask? Well, he has only batted four times in 28 attempts with runners in scoring postion. Let's not get into the OBP at the bottom of our lineup.

I'll leave this on a positive note. Ichiro got on base about 316 times last year and only scored 101 runs ( 32%). This year he has reached base 16 times and scored 7 runs ( 44%). Believe it or not that number could even improve when J-Reed gets on track (and he will get on track!).


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Informative & enjoyable reading as well as previous post. First time here from USSM. Good work guys.


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