Saturday, October 02, 2004

Congrats Ichiro! and more...

On September 1st I predicted that Ichiro would fall five hits shy of breaking Sisler's single-season hit record. Eleven hits in three games down in Anaheim against the Angels put him over the hump to seal the deal. Congratulations to Ichiro...I'm very happy that I was wrong.

After hounding Pete for nearly a year to get this blog started, I have lately become slow to post. Having a newborn is a lot more time consuming than I ever imagined. My box seats behind the Mariner dugout when unused last night while I comforted the poor guy through the stomach flu all day yesterday. The real record will come on Sunday though and I will be there (barring I don't get the stomach flu).

Today my wife and baby sleep in bed (both with the stomach flu) while I enjoy game 2 of the A's/Angels sudden death showdown. The A's have just taken a 2-0 lead and if it holds up will set up a final game showdown to determine who will take the West. I had just turned 8 in 1972 when the Red Sox/Tigers had a similar showdown. The Red Sox were up by 1/2 game over the Tigers with the final three games against the Tigers. How can that be you ask? Well, a players' strike in April caused a "modified" schedule which allowed the Tigers to play one more game than the Red Sox. Well, to make a long story short the Tigers took two out of three to finish 1/2 game ahead of the Red Sox ( zero in the loss column) and thus began my lifetime of heartbreak with the Red Sox. The Tigers went on to lose to the A's in the fifth of a five game series in the ALCS in a game in which Reggie Jackson stole home. Reggie pulled his hamstring on the play and missed the World Series which the A's ended up winning without him on their way to three straight World Championships against the Reds, Mets, Dodgers.

Jeanie Zelasko on a FOX game update just showed us a right handed batter (who turned out to be Devi Cruz). She said that Giant fans have seen this nearly 700 times as the right handed batter hit a fly to the left field wall. The left fielder caught the ball and the camera showed Bonds returning to first. Jeannie said that Bonds had to settle for a single. I'm sure that Jeanie's info is scripted, but come on!

The A's just took a 3-2 lead after Vlad tied the game with an 800 foot home run to center earlier in the inning. A strong John Kerry and now a season ending like this! What a week!!


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