Thursday, September 02, 2004

Melvin has given up

It doesn't bother me so much if the Mariners lose 100 games. They lost 98 games in 1992, but I never really felt like they gave up. They just weren't very talented and they didn't have any money to spend, but I don't remember leaving the Kingdome very often with the gut feeling that we weren't attempting to win.

Starting at first base today and batting ninth is William Paul Bloomquist who possesses an OPS of 589 which is incidently lower than the OBP of Barry Bonds. As you can see from THIS CHART which displays the OPS for first basemen for all 30 major league teams. The WORST team on the chart is the Mets with a 713 OPS. I remind you that Bloomquist is 589. Can Edgar not play first or is Bloomquist's defense at first so much better than Edgar's that we accept the tradeoff? Are we saving Edgar for the playoffs? We have over 10 spots open on the roster. Would it be wrong to call up Zapp for one of those spots?

The worst part of this season to me isn't the poor offseason free agent signings or the losing. The worst part is that we have apparently given up early.


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