Friday, August 20, 2004


1) I've beaten this dead horse enough, but I just can't seem to let it go. The numbers absolutely amaze me. After slugging 205 in July, Dan Wilson is now slugging 118 for the month of August. Wilson hasn't had an extra base hit since July 6th when he hit a double against the Jays. Jeff Cirillo, who wasn't close to this bad of a hitter with the M's, was run out of town, yet Bo-Mel considers Dan to be a valued member of the team who he wants back for next year. And why doesn't the media run with this?

2) Speaking of Jeff Cirillo, our $10M two-headed monster at third base is a thing of beauty. Scott Spiezio is currently sporting a 622 OPS for us (461 OPS after the all star break) while Jeff Cirillo is posting a 553 OPS with the Padres. Do you think anyone in the Mariners front office wishes they had just given David Bell the three year $9M contract that he was looking for?

3) Willie Bloomquist sucks. He is wasting a spot on the 40 man roster. Alex Escobar was put on waivers and claimed by the White Sox. Pete will probably argue that I tend to hold on to hope that certain can't miss prospects will eventually break out. It's true - I do. I've got to think that Alex Escobar has more of a potential future than Willie Bloomquist.

4) A caller called in to the post game show three weeks or so ago, and brought up a point that Mike Cameron's defense is sorely missed in center field and that the Mariners might have missed the boat by not signing him. Of course that point is true and is almost getting to the point where it's been beaten to death. The caller should have hung up there. He went on to say that even though Cameron was a much better center fielder than Winn, he would be "significantly" less productive offensively than Cameron. Cameron got a bad wrap for his offense with the Mariners. I admit that he was frustratingly streaky, but he never got due credit for his patience at the plate which resulted in high walk outputs (much overlooked in Seattle). His high strikeout totals were blown way out of proportion. Seattlelites (as true with most fans) still consider a pop out to third or a ground ball double play to be more of a contribution than a strikeout. How ridiculous does that sound when it's worded that way?

5) Before giving up 4 runs in 6 innings tonight, Ron Villone had an 11+ ERA after the trade deadline. It's good that we held onto him, and I'm glad to see we are making it a priority to sign him to a contract extension.

6) Kevin Millar of the Red Sox had a 732 OPS when the Red Sox came here on July 20th. He went on to hit six home runs in five games starting with the game immediately following the Seattle series. He has followed that up with a 1093 OPS so far in the month of August. He credits his remarkable turnaround to watching Miguel Olivo's approach at the plate while in Seattle.

7) Speaking of third base, I would like to see the M's go after Wilson Betemit. He's still young and doesn't seem to fit much into Atlanta's future plans.

8) How about Bret Boone to the Red Sox for Kevin Youkilis? Nah! MoneyBall is voodoo!

9) The M's have moved from 29th to 26th in runs scored over the last few weeks.

10) Olerud is hitting about .322 with a dinger and 12 RBI in 14 games with the Yanks. Willie Bloomquist has 11 RBI in 68 games this season.


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