Tuesday, August 31, 2004

For whom the David Bell tolls?

I need to reclarify my stance on David Bell. I was not meaning to suggest that the Mariners missed the boat by letting Bell move on at the end of the 2001 season. In fact, I was pleased when we were able to unload him to the Giants for Desi Relaford in order to avoid abitration on him. I was also thrilled when we acquired Jeff Cirillo who consistantly posted 400 OBPs while player for the Brewers all the while playing a mean defensive third base. I ate crow with a lot of people on that one. I was appalled at the Speizio signing from the minute it was talked about. My point was that three years of Bell at $9-$12M although admitedly overpriced, would have been a bargain had it avoided us making the Cirillo ($28M) and Speizio ($9M) deals with the added bonus of not having to see Kevin Jarvis get lit up all over town in April, when we had obviously better options in Tacoma. I am not blaming the M's for letting Bell go, I just think it might have saved us a little heartbreak in the long run and as mediocre as Bell is, he wouldn't have been as terrible as our two headed monster and would have been much cheaper.


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