Friday, July 23, 2004

The willie watch

With his 0-2 tonight, Dan is now slugging .200 for the month of July to go with a .212 on-base percentage.  A 412 OPS ranks him 318th out of 328 players with at least 25 at bats in July.  In June he ranked 343 out of 368.  Mike Restovich sounds pretty good to me right now.

Regarding Pete's post about Hole-Bert Cabrera's beef with home plate umpire Phil Cuzzi, this is the way I saw it from my vantage point behind the third base dugout.  Barry Zito tossed a slow curve ball,  as he so often does, in the dirt for a ball.  Cabrera asked Cuzzi to take a look at the ball and Cuzzi refused.  After yelling at Cuzzi for awhile, Cabrera looked into the dugout for a little help only to find B0-Mel utterly confused with the situation at hand.  It took some convincing by Hole-Bert to get B0-Mel out of the dugout to help plead the case, although I was never fully convinced that Bo-Mel got the full jest of what it was he was arguing about.   It seems as though this was another example of an umpire showing up a player and making a point that the man in blue is above the game.  I wonder if the same situation would have existed had Alex Rodriguez been the batter and Travis Blackley had been the pitcher.

The Brewers scored 7 runs tonight to our 2 which puts us back in 29th place in runs scored.

Of course Pete is correct about Ichiro stealing 3rd with nobody out.  I am haunted by the thoughts of Chuck Armstrong a few weeks ago, who insinuated that the Mariners make decisions based on fan polls.  Many of these poll people are women and families who may not make the best sound choices.   What they may or may not want to see may or may not be best for the team or the best choices for scoring runs and winning ball games.  Many of the fans want to see Ichiro steal bases.  Is it advantageous for the M's to send Ichiro in ways other than for scoring runs and winning ball games? 

Speaking of stolen bases and Ichiro, it seems that Ichiro stole a base tonight on a 3-0 count.  Niehaus, who is always the master of the understatement, said that he didn't think he had EVER seen that happen before.  Well Dave...Ichiro did it once last year...once the year before...and twice the  year before that.  Oh wait...Randy Winn also did it this year.

Speaking of 3-0 counts, the M's are 3 for 6 with 86 walks on 3-0 counts.  ( Dan Wilson is 0 for 2.)   Incidently, the Red Sox are 8-9 on 3-0 counts with 5 doubles and 2 homers.  Wow!




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