Monday, July 26, 2004

Pineiro Blows Up

Fox Sports' (and The Sporting News') Ken Rosenthal reports that Joel Pineiro has a torn elbow ligament and "could" face ligament-replacement surgery that would sideline him for 12-18 months.  The Mariners have not yet confirmed this, but if true, this is a MAJOR blow to any attempt by the M's to buy their way back into contention next offseason.  Pineiro will have to be replaced with a middle-of-the-rotation guy, and I think the M's already thought they needed one of those.  Paying two pitchers for the rotation will put a damper on what else they can do, particularly with all the penny-pinching noises still emanating from the Mariners' front office.  [Notice I did not say I don't think the M's have the money to do all they need to.   I believe they do, but probably will not.  They will cry "budget" and aim low with the excuse that they need to spend what money they have across the board, to fill many holes, and we will end up with a lot of Spiezio/Ibanez type signings rather than any serious attempt at Beltran-level guys.]

More thoughts on this later.  One thing I know for sure, though . . . Jamie Moyer, if ever he was going anywhere else, isn't now.


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