Friday, July 09, 2004

A Bitcher, Not a Thrower

Lord knows the blogosphere is already chock-full of Mariners bloggers, but I can no longer sit back and watch my team implode without offering my thoughts for all to see. I intend to be a Bitcher, not a Thrower, a right-handed griever out of the 'pen.

This has not been an easy year to be an M's fan. Move after questionable (or worse) offseason (and on-field) move, continuing in a long line unabated until Big Bald Bill surprised us all by sending Freddy Garcia to the White Sox for something more than a bag of balls. Since I am getting kind of a late start, I'll intersperse some comments on "old stuff" together with the current stuff that catches my attention.

Here's to hoping somebody besides me reads this, and enjoys it.


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